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The Top Six Benefits of FullStory Onboarding

By Ramsay Crooks & Steven Shyne

Your company has made the decision to invest in a UX insights platform and your team is excited to fire it up so they can draw from it heretofore unseen wisdom and improvements for your development release cycles. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? 

Well, in reality this isn’t always the case. Let’s be honest, it’s more the exception than the norm.

Onboarding a powerful new UX technology like FullStory (or others) can be a bit more nuanced. More specifically, onboarding requires dedicated time to define use cases, apply configurations, and train your team (and in some cases entire business units) so they can quickly and continually extract valuable insights from your shiny new software license. This is the key to keeping your software investment from becoming a "shelfware extravagance."

At CXperts, we’ve had some experience in this arena; after a year of onboarding new Fullstory customers, we thought it worthwhile to share some common benefits of onboarding that we’ve seen across clients:

  1. Customizing your tech for your team and business: out of the box, FullStory is a great tool with incredible potential, but it does require a bit of setup to unearth the issues and deliver the insights that matter most to your business and your customers. Just because FullStory is quick to deploy and easy to use, doesn’t make it automatically conform to your specific needs. This is where onboarding has proven extremely valuable in surfacing the most relevant insights with speed.
  2. Knowing where to start: because FullStory is an instrumentation-free platform that immediately begins to index your entire site or app experience and every user interaction within it, there quickly becomes a whole universe of knowledge to dig into. And knowing where to dig first can get a little confusing. Our experience working with brands on dozens of FullStory implementations can help point you in the right direction with haste.
  3. Quickly conveying mastery of tools and features: as your FullStory account swells with large amounts of user experience goodness, it becomes critical that you use the tools built into the platform to filter and extract insights from your new trove of data to avoid binge watching session recordings ad infinitum. Mastering FullStory’s tools and features, like segments, funnels, conversions, metrics, alerts, and dashboards (to just name a few), can take quite some time; onboarding helps it take a lot less time. 
  4. Documentation and knowledge sharing: All of this knowledge quickly makes FullStory a powerful tool to spot errors and advocate for the end user, but if notes, organization, and documentation aren’t your strong suits (like me), this knowledge can be trapped inside the brains of one or two power users or worse, lost all together. Our onboarding process includes detailed, highly visual documentation to train new resources - or to retrain existing resources when skills inevitably get rusty. 
  5. Training your team to get the most of out the tool: Different team members naturally have different skill sets and areas of focus. CXperts onboarding is tailored to meet these resources where they are so that they know how to get the most from the platform to empower each relevant position in your organization: from CRO to Customer Success to Engineering and others.
  6. Tips and Tricks: Let’s say you're covered on all of the above – you know where to start, you are highly organized and are ready to jump in – well, even then there is a benefit to working with someone else who’s in FullStory all day, every day. We’ve come across several use cases, nuances, and gotchas to quickly turn “uh oh’s” into “ah ha’s”.

Aside from the six benefits listed above, working with a consultancy that’s expert in this evolving technology can keep you using the latest features as they’re rolled out on FullStory. They’re also an “offsite mindshare” that can provide quick assistance should you have a change of team, direction and/or need additional support. 

While it’s expected that we talk up the benefits of our onboarding service, we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Here are some words from our clients:

“CXperts really helped jump start our experience with FullStory. They did a deep dive into our products and helped us get started with maximizing our use out of the technology. From teaching the basics, to building out helpful insights, and even working with Fullstory support on our behalf to break through barriers, onboarding with CXperts was great!”

Joshua Lowe - Product Manager, Mobile Apps - CINC

“Thanks to CXperts for helping us to enable FullStory in an ecosystem of products involving diverse technologies in an agile and hassle-free way. CXperts showed partnership and interest in the Boa Vista case and made it possible for us to achieve results in a few weeks.”

Pedro Tavares - Product Manager - Boa Vista

“The CXperts Team has done a great job exposing the true power of FullStory.”

Carl Borg - UX Manager - Gaming Innovation Group

And here are a few more words from FullStory AE's that are seeing the impact our services had on their clients:

“Thanks, Ramsay Crooks and Steven Shyne! You make it easy to introduce your team to our customers due to your professionalism, the incredible rapport you build with our customers, and the insights you glean while partnering with them.”

Tony Allanson - Commercial Account Executive - FullStory

“I wanted to tell you how impressed I was during the recent client onboarding with CXperts, in terms of how well you guys knew the ins and outs of our platform. You are a great partner who clearly took our partnership seriously and it shows. Thanks for your support.”

Daniel Taras - Consultant - FullStory

If you have any questions on FullStory or our Onboarding services - or any UX or testing tech platforms or our services in general, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.