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FullStory Adds Features, UI Changes and other Updates

By Steven Shyne

Brands using FullStory – a powerful session replay tool that immediately gets to the heart of UX issues, bugs, and breakdowns – know and love the existing feature set, including a powerful omnisearch, pixel-perfect session replay, and customizable Segments to get them to valuable CX insights and fast. 

In the last few months FullStory added a set of new features, namely Metrics, Dashboards, Scroll Maps, and a handful of slick updates to existing features as well. Below is a quick overview of those additions plus some pointers from us on how to get started with them.


Metrics are a new way for FullStory users to build Segment-like grouping of users and their behavior, but with comparison and parity with other Segments. 

This allows you to firstly give names to specific actions users are taking, but also create ratios, percentages, and the like to create a visualization of rates of behavior.  

For example, we can now measure users who visit a purchase confirmation page, divided by all users, quickly giving us conversion rate. Sure, this metric may be found in your traditional web analytics, but this unlocks the power of seeing conversion rate with conversion breakdowns or issues right in FullStory.

Or users who clicked everything divided by All users expressed as a percentage gives you the Percent of Users Who Clicked Anything. This is a quick way to learn how many users engage with your experience vs. less useful traffic (bounces, bots, etc.). 

There are just a couple of simple examples; there are many other ways to create interesting and valuable metrics limited only by imagination. 

Additionally, Metrics are related to Dashboards, and could be thought of as a building block for that feature.

More About Metrics Here


Dashboards (which has been in beta for a few months now) is now released to all FullStory accounts and can help teams visualize Segments, Metrics, or other slices of user Sessions all in one place. 

FullStory Team members can create different Dashboards for different use cases. For example:

  • Marketing Teams might create their own Dashboard for Segments/Metrics important to them like sales funnels, cohort comparisons, or campaign performance
  • Customer Service might have a totally different Dashboard for their purposes around chat engagement, frustration signals, or FAQ interactions
  • Developer or IT Teams may want to see a dashboard for quantifying bugs, trends in suspicious activity, and / or metrics for crashes over time 

More About Dashboards Here

Although newly released, we encourage all FullStory users to get familiar with Metrics and Dashboards as they’re extremely simple and powerful ways to quickly surface customized and actionable insights within the platform. 

Scroll Maps

Ever wonder where it is that the majority of your users scroll to on your critical pages? Do users even see content elements that your product, marketing or design teams painstakingly planned, discussed, built and rolled out? Do the users’ device types make a difference? FullStory makes gaining these insights extremely straightforward with Scroll Maps. 

Per FullStory, “Scroll Maps are a type of heatmap designed specifically to show how far users scroll down lengthy pages.” Simple enough, right? 

In a few more words, this feature allows FullStory users to determine what percentage of users from any segment are scrolling to specific depths on specific pages of your digital experience. 

This can be extremely powerful when assessing the user behavior associated with a specific referral source and / or medium for customer acquisition campaigns or remarketing campaigns. Is that giant hero image encouraging or discouraging users from scrolling to the primary purpose of your page - your call-to-action? Now you can stop guessing.

More About Scroll Maps Here (and Here)

These and other features are quickly becoming an extremely important focus within CXperts FullStory onboarding offering, so we’re getting a lot of exposure to these new features and finding innovative new ways to apply them. For more information, checkout FullStory’s library of resources at or drop us a email at