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CX Insights
See Your CX Like a Customer 👀

We're the advocates of your customers. To deepen your understanding of their experiences (aka, gain CX Insights) we use a mix of quantitative and qualitative data sources and research methods to learn (and act) as fast as possible.

Testing gives you a data-backed, statistically informed approach to changemanagement, allowing you to iterate, optimize, and gain confidence that we’remaking the right changes to your website. A few key benefits and realities ofour (or any worthwhile) CRO program

  • Experimentationruns on your live site. Site visitors are randomly splitamong UX variations and the differences in their behavior are recorded.
  • Statistically informed. We use statistics to measure those differences, and once statisticalsignificance is achieved we can project site impact (improvement, detriment, orneutral).
  • CXperts will guide you throughoutthe process. We can take on a portion or all of thetesting program - from test ideation, road mapping, and build to test deployand analysis.

CXpertshas deep experience helping businesses from B2C, B2B, EDU, and NPO acrosssectors and verticals improve their site performance metrics as well as userexperience through website testing and experimentation.

Engagement Benefit

  1. Optimize paths of conversion and engagement
  2. Be confident that changes to site are positive
  3. Reduce or avoid unnecessary risks
  4. Make data-driven (not opinion-based) decision making
  5. Gain return on marketing investment

Our experimentation methodology follows the scientificmethod, wherein we collect data, build sound hypotheses, define successcriteria, deploy experiments, and review the new data set with statisticalrigor.

We start with data, which includes:

  • Previous research
  • Quantitative insights (analytics,click maps)
  • Qualitative insights (sessionrecording, behavior insights, and VOC)
  • Usability studies
  • Third-party, industry, or consumerresearch

DigitalExperimentation Lifecycle Overview:

Usable Analytics Data

Bountiful data is, well, bountiful these days, but who cares? An accurate, meaningful picture of user behavior and digital performance is what most of us are really after. To understand customer experience and areas for improvement, we provide services in two phases of analytics to ensure quality CX Insights:

Build_An Actionable Insights Engine

Digital experience insights (DXI) technology has quickly come a long way compared to the free analytics tools of yesteryear. They offer real potential to help improve UX, but proper selection, setup and use of platforms to address business needs and customer needs are the first steps in building a valuable  CX Insights program.

We help you build a program that helps your team understand customer friction, validate - and quantify the impact of - user feedback, and establish priority of fixes, then design tests to help drive continuous improvements. We call it the DXI Feedback Loop.

The DXI Feedback Loop

Ongoing_Customer Experience Insights

If you love the idea of using DXI platforms to level-up your customer experience but simply don't have the familiarity or time to keep up the insights engine running smoothly, we're here to help. Our ongoing CX Insights service is designed for busy teams that are committed to customer-centric and data-backed decision making. We'll keep your configuration up to date, mine for insights, and make sure everyone on  your team is able to learn from your most valuable resource for insights: your customers.

Process & Deliverables

01 _

Discuss business goals, measurement needs, and bench-marking

02 _

A comprehensive audit of analytics implementation and  updates as needed

03 _

Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of your analytics properties

04 _

Proactive recommendations for enhancements and improvements

05 _

Creation and upkeep of monthly/quarterly readouts

Reach out if you would like to learn more about how CX Insights can power your brand's digital evolution.

CXpert-Lead Review

Every engagement starts with a review of your existing website or app from a UX subject-matter-expert point of view. Sometimes referred to as a heuristics review or UX audit, this initial step gives you an outsider's perspective and helps you understand where your user experience is breaking down, to determine priority areas of focus. This initial step is often used to inform wireframes, kick off a testing program, or simply help you better empathize with your audience.

Process & Deliverables

01 _

Discuss goals and reasons for current state

02 _

Challenge your existing experience from a CX point of view

03 _

Identify opportunities for immediate improvement

04 _

Build a high-fidelity visual report of findings

05 _

Gain new insights from an outsider's perspective

Low Effort. Quick Insights.

Sometimes the best way to get started is to start small, and we've seen many clients have success with a heuristic review of their site by a CXpert, which can be low cost, low effort engagement to get the conversation started and build buy-in from stakeholders. This option helps to:
  • Better understand story behind quantitative data
  • Sympathize with existing user experience
  • Inform subsequent projects and initiatives
  • Uncover and prioritize issues for future focus

Customer Empathy: The Why Behind The What.

Traditional analytics are important, but quantitative data only tell half the story. The addition of qualitative insights within usability studies give a complete picture of your end users’ experience. 

We can help to reduce your internal biases and provide the direct perspective of end users to identify their views of the weaknesses in your experience. Learn the reasons why and how your UX is breaking down, and the customer sentiment it is creating.  From there let's work together to prioritize areas for improvement and build a plan of action.

Engagement Benefits

01 _

Better understand story behind UX

02 _

Empathize with existing user journeys

03 _

Gather Voice of Customer (VoC) feedback

04 _

Inform subsequent projects and optimization initiatives

05 _

Gain new insights with end-user perspective

Each study we conduct is custom designed specifically to your objectives, your brand, and your audiences. Our dedicated UX Researchers help formulate the focus, format, questions and participant panels before conducting studies and packaging up all the feedback, insights and recommendations for you and your teams to action on. While we conduct a variety of study formats (moderated / unmoderated / in-person) we typically follow a similar process:

Usability Study Lifecycle Overview

CXperts’approach to delivering effective personalization for our customers is to startwith a narrow approach. We treat the tactic as a function of experimentationwith continual iteration. We typically urge our clients to start small withhigh value use cases to help define the process, connect the relevant data andstart iterating. From there additional audience segments and personalizationgroups and sequencing can be added.

 This approach may seem simple. That is by design. The term personalization gets thrown around around a lot these days and forgood measure - who wouldn’t want a highly personalized digital customerexperience that serves up just the right message for your needs at a givenmoment? Theoretically a personalized experience can reduce friction, increaseconversion and customer value, and delight your customers along the way.Amazing stuff.

 But it’s important tokeep sight of both your goals and yourcustomer. The benefits of effective personalization tactics, let alonestrategy can only be realized by focusing intently on building relevancefor every user. It’s ultimately an exercise in empathy for your customers,building highly relevant experiences based on the information they provide to yourbusiness. If you’re not using personalization to build relevance, it’s highlyunlikely you’re using the tactic to improve the value to your customer, andthey’ll notice.


Shootus a note if you’re interested in learning more about how to deploy an effectivepersonalization strategy for your customers.

MeasureTwice. Cut Once.

Designing wireframes is more than drawing boxes and arrows.It’s designing experiences. We liken UX Design work as the architectural plansfor new digital experiences.

To that end we start all projects by understanding the endusers - your customers - for whom these experiences are built. With your userpersonas in mind, we envision how they flow into and through your digitalproperties. We take into account different levels of familiarity, digitalcomprehension and goal orientation. Then we design, revise, and iterateexperiences in collaboration with your team.

Engagement Benefit

  1. Optimize paths of conversion and engagement
  2. Be confident that changes to site are positive
  3. Reduce or avoid unnecessary risks
  4. Make data-driven (not opinion-based) decision making
  5. Gain return on marketing investment

Typical Deliverables(depending on scope)

  1. Low or High Fidelity Wireframes
  2. Clickable Prototypes
  3. Content Maps
  4. Documentation for Design and Developmentteams

UX Design allows digital experiences to be designed with confidence; tofocus on your end users without the distractions (and costs) of visual designand functional development requirementsall at the same time. It’s an extra step, but it’s there for a reason - toprevent unnecessary re-work and revision cycles. We’ve found it’s the fastestway to great results… Your designers, developers (and finance team) will thankyou for it.

CXpertshas helped many brands sketch, revise, iterate, and collaborate wireframemockups and clickable prototypes that give stakeholders the “ah ha” of howtheir new website or mobile app experience will look and feel. If you’reinterested in learning more, feel free to reach out.

Some of our CX Insights clients include:
Yankee Candle company logo
Trust & Will company logo

CX Insights Client Success Stories

Tambi Younes
Sr. Director | Product, UX & Digital Experience - Newell Brands

Amber Frankhuizen
Founder & CEO - AFMKTG

“The CXperts team has been amazing group to work with. They have helped us identify points of friction in our consumer experience, with real $ impacts and recommendations for how to best solve. The partnership and accountability they take in our business has been incredible. They truly position themselves as a part of the team.”

"CXperts was an incredible partner on our project of consolidating four stand-alone sites into one website, as our client was restructuring business divisions during a rebrand. With multiple subject matters, audiences and goals to manage, CXperts guided us to a solution that spoke to both the B2B and B2C goals of the company while creating a great User Experience on the site. CXperts developed the strategy and navigation for this complicated challenge and I found the process as presented by CXperts to be straightforward, thoughtful and effective. Our work together resulted in an award-winning site, named Best Website of the Year by BIA in 2022!”