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Fullstory Onboarding & Enablement

Fullstory is powerful behavioral data platform helps technology leaders make better, more informed decisions. It combines quantitative analytics with verifiable qualitative user session replay for a revolutionary perspective on your digital experience across web and native mobile environments. But how can you maximize its value?

Flexible Training Solutions

As a worldwide preferred solutions partner, we work closely with the Fullstory team to enable every client to maximize use of the platform’s capabilities.  Whether your team is just getting started with Fullstory, needing to enhance your team with an expert consultant, or looking to increase ROI with the latest features, CXperts has deep experience helping teams across industry verticals, functional teams, and geographies.

in 2023 Fullstory awarded CXperts with Solution Partner of the Year, North America - read more about it here ↗

Onboarding Engagement Overview

Make your Fullstory onboarding services work best for your team. If that means one-on-one sessions, large trainings, or insights and optimization reports from the platform, we can make that happen... Our flexible process is built to get your team fully up to speed as quickly as possible.

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Discovery & Installation

We learn about your business, your goals, and ensure the Fullstory snippet / SDK is installed with proper privacy approach in mind

Training & Enablement

Schedule hands-on training and Q&A sessions for your team, along with documentation and 3rd-party integrations roadmap

Configure & Customize

Understand where and what you are recording, scrub data and configure critical segments and features to compile CX Insights at scale

Ongoing Strategic Consulting & Insights

Get consumer insights and actionable recommendations from Fullstory while you focus on other important areas of your business.

Engagement Benefits
  • Dedicated CX specialist support
  • Free up internal resources for other projects
  • Uncover insightful findings as soon as possible
  • Ensure compliance and best practices

Quick Launch Packages

Fullstory Dashboards Quick Launch
Fullstory serves up a huge number of flexible options for at-a-glance insights for your teams. The capability to automatically curate digital UX insights makes Fullstory a powerful – and verifiable – source of truth. But for many people, knowing where to start with Metrics and how to get the most from Dashboards can be difficult. Dashboards Quick Launch from CXperts makes it easy.

Conversions Quick Launch

The next level for your Ecommerce analytics: Quickly build out a foundation to grab ongoing insights from your Conversions package, enabling you to quickly identify hiccups in your user flows and rank them based on impact on conversion and revenue.

Note: Recommended for ecommerce companies with 100K+ monthly unique visitors; web only.

Engagement Benefits:
  • Jump start with multiple, custom Dashboards
  • Review your top UX and business metrics all at a glance
  • Buildout key Segments, Metrics and Funnels
  • Provide CX insights for stakeholders
  • Additional training workshops and enablement specific to Dashboards
Engagement Benefits:
  • Strategic onboarding of Conversions package
  • CX insights powered by Fullstory Conversions throughout your ecommerce website
  • Additional training workshops and enablement specific to Conversions
Some of our Fullstory onboarding clients include:
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Goodman Manufacturing Logo
Commissions Inc a.k.a. CINC Logo
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Fullstory Client Success Stories

Pedro Tavares
Product Manager - Boa Vista

Headshot of Pedro Taveres of Boa Vista

Joshua Lowe
Product Manager, Mobile Apps - CINC

“Thanks to CXperts for helping us to enable Fullstory in an ecosystem of products involving diverse technologies in an agile and hassle-free way. CXperts showed partnership and interest in the Boa Vista case and made it possible for us to achieve results in a few weeks.”

"CXperts really helped jump start our experience with FullStory. They did a deep dive into our products and helped us get started with maximizing our use out of the technology.  From teaching the basics, to building out helpful insights, and even working with FullStory support on our behalf to break through barriers, onboarding with CXperts was great!”
Joshua LoweProduct Manager, CINC