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Bringing Our ‘A’ Game

The beauty of consumer experience (CX) research and optimization is that they pay off in virtually every industry where people interact with organizations online. In other words... basically everywhere. That being said, the CXperts team has deep experience - and affinity toward - a few industry sectors where we feel our services are particularly valuable.


Digital commerce makes up a huge chunk of the value exchange on the internet. Unsurprisingly, investment in improving the user experience (UX) for customers transacting with brands online can yield significant returns. Traditional eCommerce KPIs (CVR, AOR, RoAS, and LTV, to rattle off a few) are all positively impacted, but so are less commonly referenced metrics like customer satisfaction (C-SAT), brand affinity, and customer delight (our favorite).

Health & Wellness

Today, more than ever, consumers are going digital to understand, improve, and maintain their health. Whether it's researching health issues and related products; connecting with established or emerging DTC brands; or finding the best fit for their fitness needs, you can bet consumers continue to become more comfortable with - and demand more from - their digital experience (DX) in the health and wellness space.


Software that comes to life with the attributes of servicing a unique need, utilizing development best practices, and is backed by strong funding can still fall flat if the end-user journey isn’t front-and-center. Whether it be in empathising with the prospective customer - a critical and complex customer journey in the SaaS space - or improving user experience on the platform itself, CXperts can help growth-minded software organizations keep their numbers moving in the right direction (up and to the right).

Wine & Spirits

Do we need to explain our affinity to this sector? Sometimes it’s just about the product. But the passion and expertise that go into crafting exceptional adult beverages don’t always translate to expertise in creating effective experiences in the digital space. We help distillers, winemakers and brewers from brands large and small improve customer interaction with their unique stance to deliver a great branded experience. The goal for us is that next time your customer is asked what they would like to drink, your brand is top of mind.

Travel & Tourism

Given that CXperts is committed to the world and its people, it’s only natural that we would be committed to the value inherent in helping people experience more of the world. We have deep experience in the travel and tourism sector and believe it is an area where consumer experience is absolutely crucial in delivering a satisfying, holistic travel experience. It’s also worth mentioning that exceptional CX can be a huge differentiator in this highly competitive and price sensitive space.

Environmental & Sustainability Enterprise

Optimizing the consumer journey for organizations looking to change our world for the better is not only a great use of our talents but a critical component of CXperts’ vision of longevity and growth. The consumer demand, awareness and innovation in this sector are just starting to emerge on the world stage. We aim to take a leading role in delivering exceptional user experience consulting for this sector; we sincerely want to help organizations that do good.

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