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UX Research Powered by WEVO

WEVO's UX research solution is unique; with 100+ panelists per study to provide feedback and sentiment for different parts of your or a competitor's site (or app, prototype or design comp), you can amass qualitative insights at quantitative scale.

Wait, what's WEVO?

Turn up the Heat(maps).

The biggest "ah-ha" moment we get with our clients who use WEVO is the comment-based heatmap.

Participants provide click and comment feedback and you can see exactly the areas of the site that they are responding to, be it negative or positive.

Missed Expectations.

Participants are asked to provide their expectations in a free-form response format. At the conclusion of the study, they are then prompted to see if the experience met those expectations.

This allows us to identify gaps between visitors’ expectations and existing UX, providing a spotlight on where to start.

gif of WEVO interface showing feedback heatmap featureScreenshot of WEVO platform showing Expectations Panel feedback.
Total Score.

Panel participants also give ratings across several categories on their entire experience, allowing you to understand where to start with optimization. Plus, these scores are benchmarked against others in your industry.

Read, search and filter real audience feedback by demographic, sentiment, topic, or keyword.
gif of example sentiment feedback within WEVO platform

WEVO Client Success Stories

“WEVO testing through CXperts allowed us to validate trends we were seeing in Usability Testing with much larger sample sizes and compare our website’s data to industry benchmarks, giving us higher confidence in our UX and design choices.”

Kristina Tummino
Lead User Experience Researcher, Zinnia

Kristina Tummino Headshot

Use Cases & Types of WEVO Studies

WEVO has several core applications, each of which has their own benefits.

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Single Page Analysis

Perfect for your primary pages and its components, like product detail pages or paid landing pages

Connected Journey

String together several WEVO studies to identify highs and lows across an entire multi-page flow

Journey & Deep Dive

Best for connected experiences or user flows, but still gathering rich insights on a single page

Main Benefits of using WEVO

Get consumer insights and actionable recommendations from WEVO while you focus on other important areas of your business.

  • Targeted Audiences. Participants are qualified to be included in studies
  • Insights at Scale. Gather CX insights from hundreds of panelists in as fast as two weeks
  • Micro & Macro Perspectives. WEVO provides insights on whole pages and specific modules on the page at once.
  • Speed to Insights. WEVO takes no more than 2 weeks for most studies, accelerating your UX research.

Other WEVO Resources

What can I WEVO?

With such a powerful UX research tool, there's got to be limitations, right? Sorta. WEVO works great for B2B, B2C, NPO, and EDU - anywhere there is an audience, there's an opportunity to get feedback.

CXperts Guides you Through the Process

We've done dozens of UX research studies, including WEVO, so we know the ins, outs, and gotchas. We'll guide you through the entire study:

Pre & Post Launch
  • Final review/QA of study design
  • Working with WEVO to track progress
  • Analyzing WEVO test results
  • Presenting our interpretation of insights
  • Sharing WEVO study links with larger team
  • Live websites, web apps, or native apps
  • Staging sites, prototypes, and design comps
  • Competitor websites or other comparisons
  • Short-format (max 2 min) video clips
  • Email, webpage, or other design comps
  • Digital ads, marketing collateral, other assets
Before WEVO Study
  • Identification / prioritization of target page(s)
  • Participant panel criteria identification 
  • Develop primer and follow up questions
  • Provide CX insights for stakeholders
That said, WEVO studies are strongest where audience pools are plentiful so targeting can be tight and turnaround can be speedy – we see the fastest and most insightful studies in B2C.

As for what to target, here's a few ideas of perfect candidates for WEVO:
Visit WEVO'S WEBSITE ↗Get In Touch
Some of our WEVO study clients include:
Yankee Candle company logo
Lytx company logo
Trust & Will company logo