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CX Launch
Build a Customer-Centric Culture

Your brand has made the decision to truly focus on your customers in digital. Excellent! But what does that actually mean? And more importantly, where do you start?  

The intention to focus on customers is one thing, buying a CX software to do so is yet another. The risk is that these alone won’t guarantee an actionable CX-focused program.

Powerful digital experience software is only as valuable as a brand’s ability to use it - and the quicker you can take action on learnings, the more valuable your digital investment becomes. You need the right knowledge to put the right CX platforms to work. This is why we created CX Launch.

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Quickly & Confidently Create:

  • Quantitative insights
  • Qualitative insights
  • An optimization roadmap and workflow
  • An experimentation program
  • Voice of customer sentiment on your key programs, pages, flows, and competitors
  • An action plan to optimize your digital experiences

Do this by way of:

  • Digital Experience Analytics and Insights software onboarding, training and enablement
  • Digital Experimentation (A/B testing) onboarding and platform configuration
  • CX / DX Trainings & Seminars
  • User Study Design Training 

Training That’s More Than Checking In & Checking Boxes

Educate your team about the benefits of sound research, testing, and strategy

Empower your key players to make customer centricity part of a program for success

Enable your brand to maximize technology platforms and gain value quickly

Some of the premier platforms we are partnered with, certified from, and excited to help you master:

Gain Multi-Disciplinary Buy-In

Don’t stay stuck feeling stuck! Get your brand using the right tools to be informed, confident and customer-centric across crucial teams including:

  • Marketing
  • Product
  • Engineering / Development
  • Merchandising
  • QA
  • Customer Service

Want to Know More?

For more about our approach, we welcome you to take a look at CX Launch pages for key technology partners in our space:

If CX Launch sounds like the right next step for you, give us a shout.
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CX Launch Client Success Stories

Michael Taberski
Senior Customer Insights Analyst -Spreedly

Mike Taberski headshot

Joshua Lowe
Product Manager, Mobile Apps - CINC

"CXperts has been an excellent partner in getting our experimentation platform off the ground. Without the help of CXperts, we wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are now with our roadmap and testing.”

Joshua LoweProduct Manager, CINC

"CXperts really helped jump start our experience with FullStory. They did a deep dive into our products and helped us get started with maximizing our use out of the technology.  From teaching the basics, to building out helpful insights, and even working with FullStory support on our behalf to break through barriers, onboarding with CXperts was great!”