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CXperts Announces UX Program for Nonprofit Organizations

CXperts is excited to announce our Nonprofit User Experience Outreach (NPO-UXO) Program. 

In the changing times we’re all facing, many nonprofits have been forced into a digital-first – if not digital-only – engagement with their audiences. As this transition to online was sudden, many may be feeling unprepared for this shift as their online experiences have been neglected or were of lower priority historically. These online user experiences (UX) eventually lead to frustrated clients, customers, and donors and can render organizations much less effective in serving their respective missions.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, our mission is to make the web better for people by improving digital experiences. With this program we actively seek to engage with nonprofits that now find themselves in need of online UX consulting to improve their website user experience (UX) and better serve their audiences and their mission. Qualified non-profits can expect:

  • A discovery call to understand state of online UX and end-user audiences
  • UX Assessment that reviews website from a subject-matter expert point of view
  • Report to highlight areas of improvement or opportunity
  • Professional service hours / workshop time to define digital goals and roadmap

Please fill out our questionnaire to determine your NPO’s eligibility. 

This questionnaire ensures we are connecting with eligible non-profits, building a baseline of understanding, and establishing the right point of contact.