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How CXperts Tackles Remote Work

Samantha Owyang

For many, remote work is the new normal. According to Forbes, a recent AT&T study found the hybrid work model is expected to grow from 42% in 2021 to 81% in 2024. 

With remote work becoming more common, how do we navigate the challenges that come with it? CXperts is here to share some of our tips and tricks for staying efficient, productive, and connected in the world of remote work.

       1. Lean into Communication Tools

When working remotely, nothing is more important than being able to reach your team members. Having a platform for video meetings, quick calls, and direct messages will ensure that you can talk to your coworkers and get your projects completed. There are so many tools and platforms out there it can be easy to overcomplicate things. We personally like to mix it up with Google Meets, Zoom, Slack, and Gmail.

One of the features that is really helpful in Slack is the ability to “huddle”, or join a voice call. Messaging back and forth in a Slack channel can be tedious. Sometimes joining a quick 2 minute voice call is all you need to clarify what you mean and efficiently settle the topic. Don’t be afraid to ask your coworkers if they are “free for a huddle?”

       2. Build Processes and Procedures

Staying organized and on task is hard enough in any work setting. When you don’t have the team all in the same office, it could be even easier to lose track of tasks and action items.

We rely on Asana to keep track of our tasks and project progress. We are able to assign different tasks to different team members, leave comments and notes for each other, and get updates as parts of the project are completed.

We also rely on building out processes and procedures for different workflows. Everyone knows the next steps to take, where to find the resources they are looking for, and where to update various trackers, spreadsheets, and notes.

Having this level of organization can help keep team members on the same page even as people tackle projects from different states, time zones, and working hours. 

       3. Account for Distractions and Technical Difficulties

Remote work isn’t always maximized efficiency. Working from various at home locations comes with various at home distractions. From sick kids and sleeping roommates to bathroom remodels and loud neighborhood construction work, every day comes with a new set of distractions and challenges.

Not only do we contend with that, but also technical difficulties like broken laptops, power outages, and bad Wi-Fi connections. 

You can take preventative measures by setting up a focused, quiet workspace if you have the right resources, but we’ve also learned to just account for these distractions. Be forgiving to yourself and to your coworkers and know that these things happen.

       4. Take Mental and Physical Breaks to Improve Focus

People love remote work because of extra sleep, no commute time, and sweatpants! Don’t get me wrong, these things are great, but being at home all day can come with its own problems of staying accountable, focused, and motivated.

Our team has collected some of our favorite personal tips to help keep you going:

Invest in a standing desk - if you need a break from sitting all day and a way to improve your posture and focus
Go for a walk during your lunch break - sometimes you just need some fresh air and sunlight (or snow for those non-Californians)
Write down distracting thoughts or impulses -  working from home, it’s easy to be distracted so whenever you get the bug to do something that’s not work related, write it down and promise to get back to it later
Take a break from your home office - if you have some time sans meetings, grab your laptop (required!) and head to a favorite coffee shop to break up the cabin fever

       5. Have Some Fun with Your Team

Lastly, it’s hard to stay remote all the time. Sometimes you may just need to get together in person and throw a great big party. If a party isn’t in the cards, you could also just have a chill hang out and happy hour. 

Your coworkers are the people you talk to everyday, sometimes for hours at a time, and getting to know them as people can help you build a company culture. If you aren’t able to get together in real life once in a while, doing fun hang outs remotely is still possible.

And throughout the week try to leave some room for informal conversations, either at the end of your meetings or devote to a more structured format. Every week we answer a “Random Friday Question” from what superpower would you choose, to what is your favorite type of snack. This leads to some great conversations, emojis, and GIFs in our Slack channel.


"Remote Work Is Here To Stay And Will Increase Into 2023, Experts Say"  Bryan Robinson, Ph.D., Forbes - LINK