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Great Brands Doing Good: Part 2

By CXperts

In our first article on Great Brands Doing Good, we touched on the icky feels of helplessness that come with being an informed citizen - during the historical zenith of consumer choice - during the information age. We also talked about the opportunities we humans have to make a difference with some basic understanding of the impacts that we can make with our choices as consumers. Then we covered shoes and clothing brands that we respect for their commitment to sustainability. 

Why? Because CXperts is on a mission to us its voice and capabilities to support those organizations with missions to make and impact to make the whole world better for all of its inhabitants. 

To continue the conversation about companies taking responsibility to do good for both the planet and people as part and parcel of their respective (and viable) business models, we’ll highlight a fresh batch of great brands doing good.

Up next are a couple new categories of coverage. In each category we include a company you likely know followed by another one you might not have heard of but is worth your consideration and support.

At-Home Cleaning Products

Your everyday cleaning products can have a negative impact on the environment, namely from the chemical compounds. Cleaning agents you put in the toilet, sink, dishwasher and washing machine rinse down the drain and end up in waterways and the water supply. Those toxic chemicals are harmful for wildlife, and in some cases can accelerate plant growth that is detrimental to riparian ecosystems. (You’re welcome for the link.) 

There is also a considerable problem in the industry with packaging. You may have noticed that your washing detergent is mostly water and comes in a giant plastic bottle. Why?!

A movement is growing to clean up the cleaning industry. These two companies are leading the way:

Seventh Generation

You can find this brand in most big-box and local convenience stores nationwide. Sustainably-sourced ingredients is Seventh Generation’s top goal. By 2025 they plan to have 100% bio-based ingredients and all packaging reusable, reused or recycled. 

Seventh Generation also has a water protection initiative that prevents water from being contaminated by their products throughout their lifecycle - from production to post-consumer use. The company also believes in an equitable value chain such that workers make a liveable wage whether they work in a store, office or factory.

Learn more about how Seventh Generation is doing good.


Not quite as well known as Seventh Generation, Dropps is one of our favorite companies making positive changes in the eco-friendly at-home cleaning space. Also committed to sustainable products, Dropps led the way with the industry’s first package-reducing laundry pod back in 2005, and unlike the big-name copycats, with a commitment to bio-friendly ingredients. Other industry game-changers they are using include wool dryer balls. 

Named the 2017 EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for outstanding achievement in formulation and product manufacturing of both consumer and institutional/industrial products, Dropps is the real deal.

The company also proudly manufactures products in the U.S. and believes in supporting local jobs, communities, small businesses and fair wages. One more noteworthy company positive: Dropps is carbon neutral. They’re total triple bottom line rockstars… check them out and give them some love.

Read about Dropps’ sustainability work.

1:1 Giving

This category isn’t an industry per se, but a business model. One-for-one giving - also known as buy-one give-one - is when one needed item is given away for one purchased item. Developed and popularized at TOMS Shoes back in 2006, this approach creates both commercial and social value. 

In the case of TOMS, consumers get a great pair of kicks and the warm-fuzzies in knowing that their purchase means that someone in need gets a pair of much-needed shoes as well. This business model has been adopted by several other companies that create necessary products, such as soap, socks and eyewear.


TOMS has expanded its enterprise beyond footwear into eyewear and apparel too. It tallies its direct impact on individual lives at 1 million through its one-for-one giving and also its support of non-profit organizations around the world. The company gives one third of its profits to grassroots work focusing on mental health, ending gun violence and creating more equitable access to opportunity.

The company is committed to using sustainable cotton, and aims to use this in 100% of its products by 2025. Additionally, packaging is made from 80% recycled materials and they are evaluating their carbon footprint and ways to reduce it. For these and other efforts the company has earned its B-corp certification.

Read on about TOMS sustainability commitment. 


Many people with poor vision in disadvantaged communities do not get the corrective eyewear they need. It’s estimated that one-third of the world’s population has vision problems and many of those people don’t have glasses. This is where fills the gap.

The company has partnered with Vision for Life, a global giving program with the mission to eliminate poor vision in underserved communities around the world. So far 1.6 million pairs of glasses have been committed to needy people in this program.

Learn more about EyeBuyDirect’s 1:1 program.

What encourages us most about researching and writing the articles in this series is the wide range of companies that are thoughtfully innovating and working in this growing category of sustainable business. To acknowledge their entrepreneurial creativity to make a positive difference is of fundamental importance to CXperts. We urge every consumer and every brand to review their own choices that make a literal and figurative downstream impact on the world we all share. Know of a great brand out there doing great things? Send them our way at