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CXperts Newsletter V.4

By Ramsay Crooks

In case you missed it, here's our latest newsletter. Have a read and if you're interested in receiving future newsletters via email, just pop your email address into the newsletter signup form in the footer of this page. Have a great day!


Hey there!

It’s been quite a spell since our last issue of Rocket Fuel so first things first, we’ve dropped the “quarterly” from our title. As is likely the case with many of you, things have been very busy - so our newsletter got back-burnered. But we’re back and we’re excited to share our updates so let’s jump in!

Top Stories

New People:

Cassie Swartwout

We’re thrilled to be working alongside Cassie in support of a number of CX Optimization projects focused on User Experience and Design. She brings a wealth of experience to the team with a focus on UX / UI in digital environments, working in a variety of roles, including: concept ideation, strategic planning, information architecture, user experience and visual design. Besides being an all around great person to work with, we appreciate and share her take that “good design” isn’t only about striking visuals; it’s also about creating an effective experience in any user environment.

Deven Mer

As our CX Optimization practice has grown to include a multitude of ongoing digital experimentation programs for our clients, so too has our need for technical chops to support some of our more complex experiments. Last year, Deven Mer has joined our CX Optimization team to help us quickly handle experiments the require the combination of skills of a front-end developer with the curiosity and empathy of a customer centric UX professional.  We’re very excited to have added his powers to our team.

New Clients:

Newell Brands

The CXperts team is delighted to be collaborating with the customer-focused team at The Yankee Candle Company to help unearth customer experience insights and improve digital experiences. We’re thoroughly enjoying our collaboration to better connect with and deliver exceptional value to all of their candle-loving customers.


We’re also proud to announce that we have teamed with the fine people at Everly to help them break the mold on life insurance. Everly is disrupting the insurance tech space and on a mission to deliver a better CX around life insurance so naturally we are excited to be along for the ride to help improve customer experience and optimization support as their brand continues to grow!

FullStory Partner Engagements

It's no secret that we love FullStory. And we're excited to see more and more brands continue to recognize the of FullStory; as the platform gets even more capable and sophisticated, we're here to help those brands and their team maximize their investment in digital experience intelligence. Recently, we've helped a number of brands including:

  • Walmart (Chile)
  • Zipcar
  • Newell Brands

We're proud to have have helped more than 50 clients to successfully onboard the platform. With each project, our understanding of the difference FullStory can make has only grown and we're excited for our next customers in this endeavor. It still tickles us to hear our clients literally say, "Wow, that's cool!" when showing what they can do with their digital experience data.

New Partnerships:

We have nothing but love for our technology and solutions partners across digital, from UX to insights to digital marketing. Our partner ecosystem has been the source of great relationships, ideas and value, so we are excited to outline some new additions to what’s already a good thing with the following partnerships:


If you haven’t heard of WEVO, then you have now! But even those that don’t read this will likely be hearing of them soon because they’re a powerful and unique tool in the toolbelts of any busy, serious (seriously busy?) UX, marketing or product pro in digital. The platform’s ability to provide qualitative insights at quantitative scale with speed  and light effort is a big win for those of us seeking Voice of Customer (VoC) insights for experimentation, design work, product iteration, messaging and a host of other applications. Plus, their people are awesome to work with (just like us!).


After Optimizely’s acquisition by Episerver (and the latter’s rebrand to the former’s name), we were really excited to forge a fresh partnership with a long-time big name in digital experimentation and CX optimization. With the addition of Episerver’s suite of powerful digital commerce and data solutions, Optimizely is poised to make an even bigger impact in the enterprise digital experience platform space. We look forward to our collaboration!


With its recent acquisition of the extremely popular and affordable session recording software, Hotjar, Contentsquare continues to expand its footprint as a major player in the fast moving digital experience analytics space. This move adds visibility and exposure in the important SMB market segment to the firm's enterprise segment pedigree. The strong presence of Contentsquare in the consumer ecommerce sector and their powerful partner ecosystem make for some exciting potential to leverage their strong tech and integrations to help brands consistently deliver (and receive) more value from their digital channels. Keep an eye on these guys - we certainly are!

Good Reads

CXperts Impact Report

As we wrapped up 2021, we also finished up our 2021 Impact Report, which sums up CXperts’ contributive activities over the last couple of years. We were excited and proud to publish our report, but not as excited or proud as we were in being able to take action across the various contributive activities outlined. The whole experience has us even more motivated to do good and create value in our community and beyond. If you missed it, give it a read. It might just give you some warm fuzzies.

5 Ways to Improve the Scannability of the Plan Matrix

Ah, the feature matrix! The internet’s solution to complex comparison data without needless scrolling. But just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s always done right. The Baymard Institute dives into this topic specifically as it pertains to SaaS feature comparison tables and breaks down the common breakdowns of feature matrices and best ways to avoid them. While this article focuses on the common application of these comparison tables in SaaS products, we find their recommendations applicable to any similar presentation of comparo data:

5 Ways to Provide a Superior Gifting UI and Flow

In yet another solid read from the fine folks at Baymard Institute, this time they dive into the do’s and don’t of digital gifting user flows. Since CXperts works with a number of ecommerce companies for which gifting is a critical part of their customer journey, we found these insights to be particularly meaningful… especially during key holidays and shopping seasons that can be make-or-break. We found the article’s points 4 and 5 to be particularly thorny points of friction in our research. If your business offers a gifting user flow, give it a read.

That'll Do

That's it for this issue. We're glad we got this chance to grace the inner sanctum of your inbox. If you just can't get enough then check out the rest of our blog. Until next time.

Be good!

The CXperts Team