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CXperts Newsletter V.3

By Ramsay Crooks

We've posted last week's inagural newsletter. If you aren't on our quarterly newsletter mailing list and would like our next newsletter in your inbox, sign up with your email in the footer below.


Hi All!

Welcome to the latest edition of the CXperts Quarterly newsletter. The year’s flying by, with Q1 already shrinking fast in the rear view. But we wanted to give it more than a fleeting glance given all the CX goodness ‘21’s first quarter delivered at CXperts. A few of the standouts:

Top Stories

New People:

We kick off our updates with our new additions to the team. Shweta Chiplunkar has joined the CXperts as a Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist to add her programming and analytics skills to a number of our CRO engagements. Nate Brucher started as our newest CXpert in the UX Researcher role to help us uncover and deliver qualitative-data-backed insights from UX Studies, customer surveys, and other user-focused research. These two have hit the ground running fast. We’re very excited to see where their energy and skills take us next!

New Clients:

See’s Candies

We’re delighted to count See’s Candies among our newest clients; it’s a thrill to work for such a storied and smile-inducing brand. Just as importantly, it’s great to use the voice of the customer to help See’s surface qualitative user insights and help refine its digital shopping experience so its customers can effortlessly find, buy and ship their favorite, yummy, high-quality sweets to themselves and the ones they love.

Liverpool Los Angeles

Liverpool Los Angeles has a mission to not only expand D2C market share for its growing line of fashionable denim and apparel, but it’s looking to make a mark as a confidence-inspiring and eco-friendly brand that provides customers a top-tier digital ecommerce experience. We liked the sound of that challenge and have partnered with the Liverpool Los Angeles team to coordinate CX strategy and oversee their digital experimentation program.

FullStory Partner Engagements

Plenty of new brands are now recognizing the value of FullStory and diving in. We applaud their fine taste in usability software. To get them up to speed, CXperts has completed (or are close to completing) FullStory platform onboarding for an awesome group of companies so far this year, including:

  • St. Jude Children's Hospital
  • Bazaarvoice
  • Midway USA

We’re grateful for the opportunity to work alongside FullStory and so many category leading customers to get them up to speed on the platform. Let the UX improvements begin!

Event Recaps

We got our virtual event groove on with a few unique events that made for a busy March:

SD Design Trek

SD Design Trek 2021 featured 10 local, design-focused organizations and hundreds of virtual participants from the local San Diego design community. CXperts hosted an Instagram takeover including an Instagram Live event and a CRO-focused “Ask Me Anything” session with our co-founders. We thoroughly enjoyed repping the scrappy side of things as the only startup to sponsor the event. We made some great connections (including previously-mentioned Nate Brucher!) and collaborated with some great San Diego brands we look up to, like Classy, ResMed, Blink, and Illumina.

Partnership Leaders Panel

Steven Shyne brought his partner prowess to the conversation in a panel discussion hosted by Partnership Leaders. The panel focused on what makes for the most effective and successful partnerships in the tech space these days (and a few pitfalls to avoid). He was joined by partnership experts Heather Roth of Slalom, Ben Mooney at CoreMedia, and moderator Chris Samila VP of Partnerships at Crossbeam and Co-Founder and CEO at Partnership Leaders.

AB Tasty & CXperts: You Had Me At Merlot - Wine & Personalization

For this one we teamed up with our partners at AB Tasty for a delicious combo of personalization, experimentation and an expertly led wine tasting by sommelier, Whitney Chapman. This exclusive event featured a panel discussion on how to maximize the value personalization within digital ecommerce along with lots of tasty wine. It’s safe to say everyone got to learn something at this event - and catch a little buzz while they were at it.

Good Reads

Get your CX read on:

82 influencers in A/B testing that you need to know in 2021

This one made our co-founder, Steven Shyne’s day! We were all delighted he made this list - compiled by Kameleoon, a feature-packed and emergent A/B testing and experimentation software - of names you should know in the A/B testing space. Have a read… we couldn’t agree more with their picks - especially number 64!

Why marketing can no longer ignore customer experience

This Digiday article by Jason VandeBoom of ActiveCampaign does a great job of describing how marketing and CX are two sides of the same coin and the time has come where marketers that embrace this customer-centric approach will reap benefits over (and at the expense of) those that do not.

Finding the Research Question Behind the Business Question

Getting into a little bit of the sausage making process of qualitative UX work, and squarely in the realm of user centricity, this article from  helps to

Usability Testing for [web] Content

Taking the last article’s focus to the next step, we liked this short video from Nielsen Norman Group. It’s three valuable minutes on how to correctly approach usability studies  to extract authentic and valuable user insights from your study itself. Check it out.

Other CX Happenings

Google Page Experience Algorithm Update

On Google’s Page Experience organic search algorithm update: May’s rollout is now June’s. We’ve covered the broad strokes of this update in previous newsletters and in our blog (look out for another update on this on the blog shortly), but wanted to note a recent announcement that they have pushed their algorithm update (to include their “Core Web Vitals” as part of their ranking factors) out a month - so you've got a little more time to address any page load speed and critical content layout shift gremlins that might be affecting your scores (and future SEO rankings). Search Engine Journal’s article on the change also notes the rollout will be gradual - ramping up through August of this year.

Say Hello!

That will do it for last quarter’s news. We hope you’re able to learn a thing or two and that you extracted some value from this read. If the musings above generate any musings of your own, feel free to drop us a line email.

Be Well!

The CXperts Team