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CXperts Newsletter V. 1

By Ramsay Crooks

In case you missed it, we've posted last week's inagural newsletter. If you aren't on our quarterly newsletter mailing list and would like our next newsletter in your inbox, sign up with your email in the footer below.


Hey everyone! Welcome to the first edition of the CXperts newsletter, which we intend to publish quarterly moving forward. We held off a good while on getting this inaugural edition fired off so we’re really excited to have finally hit the send button on this baby! Let’s jump in.


2020 - What a Year!

There are few things more exciting than starting a new business. One of them is doing it right before a global pandemic is about to wreak havoc on... well, everything. Despite the punches this year threw, CXperts rolled with them and we’re very happy to look up in Q4 to a wonderful network of service and technology partners, a diverse and exciting (and growing) client list, and a keen eye on what’s sure to be a dynamic future in 2021 and beyond.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing partners for the trust, camaraderie and expertise they’ve all brought in 2020. Simply put, without them we wouldn’t be here. Many thanks to:

  • FullStory
  • AB Tasty
  • DCBA
  • Red Door Interactive
  • Garson & Gutierrez, PC
  • Tangible Value
  • Taplytics
  • Albertson Design
  • AccessiBe
  • Delcaon
  • Pack Digital
  • SessionCam (congrats on your exit!)
  • Empirical Path
  • Adext
  • SmartBean

Each of the above-listed partners is a leader in their respective space - and to whom we’ll enthusiastically provide an introduction should you need one... just drop us a line.    

Recap: Mobile on Air - Adapting CX Insights Into Experimentation

Last week Jon Yim of Taplytics and Ramsay Crooks of CXperts co-moderated “Adapting CX Insights into E-commerce Experimentation,” with Steven Shyne - also with CXperts - dropping lots of “snackable” insights for the Mobile On Air virtual audience. As the last - but not least - event on the schedule, we got great attendance and had some really positive feedback from our short talk. If you missed it, don’t fret! We'll be posting a recording on our social channels as soon as its available (they say next week).

Event: Experimentation + UX Analytics = CX Goodness

Our busy partnerships with FullStory and AB Tasty are converging on November 11th with an insights-packed integrated workshop. AB Tasty, FullStory and CXperts will be walking through how to maximize customer experience and digital performance by harnessing the power of these two platforms in tandem. Since it’s a workshop format, it will be a small, invite-only event so if you want to know more or would like an invite - let us know.

Realtime UX Insights + Media Optimization A.I.

In another collaboration, with our tech partners Adext and FullStory, we're excited to roll out a full-funnel ecommerce optimization package designed to help digital ecommerce providers maximize the value of media-driven traffic to their digital properties. A combination of AI-powered media optimization from Adext fed with a healthy diet of insights derived from FullStory’s powerful DX engine - all supported with strategic juices from the CXperts team is designed to help marketers rapidly refine their customer journeys - from ad impression to order confirmation page - for maximum impact and ROI.  

Good Reads:

Since a core tenant of CXperts is learning - from user behavior, psychology, or the CX sector writ large - we ingest a fair bit of content from brainy folks in our space. Here’s a few illuminating pieces we think you'll enjoy:

Refine, Remodel, Rebuild: 3 Strategies for Experience Improvement

Kim Salazar of Nielsen Norman Group’s recent article is one of our new favorites in that it elegantly defines the term experience performance within both the narrow context of experimentation and the broader context of experience improvement. It’s smart, actionable, and closely aligned with our own approach to CX Optimization.

Usability for Seniors: Challenges and Changes

A bit of an oldie (had to) but goodie from 2019; we feel this article from Lexie Kane at Nielson Norman Group it’s still very relevant as the pandemic wears on and people of all ilks cozy up to their laptops, phones and smart TVs for many of the things that used to mean a trip out the front door and beyond.

Adapting customer experience in the time of coronavirus

This spring, McKinsey & Company wrote an informative piece on some of the high value steps brands can take to meet new customer expectations in both the present- and post-COVID-19 worlds. It echoes some of the points we made in our Digital Deep End post but goes further in prescriptive recommendations that many brands can make use of. Another good read.


Other CX Happenings

Google Pushes for Better CX

Google directly embraces customer experience performance with Core Web Vitals. Our post discusses this convergence of CX and SEO in-depth.

CX / UX Integrations Abound

We're seeing a major uptick in platform integrations to help product, marketing, engineering, sales and customer service teams do a better job on for their customers. While there are too many to list, we're excited to be part of the increased tech collaborations and rapid CX improvements they promise.

Optimizely Acquired by Episerver

In a big move, leading web experimentation platform, Optimizely was acquired by the digital experience platform Episerver. While the acquisition was something many in our space expected, we all look forward to how things will shape up from here for many of Optimizely's remaining customers.

Session Cam Acquired

The industry moves continue with Glassbox's acquisition of session recording tech platform, SessionCam, a CXperts technology partner.

Let's Connect!

Thanks for checking out our newsletter. There's so much more to cover but this piece is already well into the TL;DR territory, so we'll leave it there. If you're interested in learning more about CXperts and what's rolling around in our brains, check out the CXperts blog or better yet, contact us.

The CXperts team