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CXperts Launches With Focus High Value CX & UX Consulting

San Diego, CA, Jan 21, 2020 -- San Diego-based digital marketing agency veterans Steven Shyne and Ramsay Crooks are excited to announce their new digital customer experience (CX) venture, CXperts Inc, founded in the fall of 2019. After a combined 25 years working within and leading digital agencies in San Diego, the two recognized the need for a CX- and UX-focused approach to address the many challenges that surface within the critical touch points between brands and their customers in both web and mobile application environments. 

Shyne and Crooks determined that CX and UX needs are all-too-often under-considered and underserved, resulting in brands delivering sub-optimal experiences for users and yielding weak returns on their digital marketing and infrastructure investments.  

“Over a few conversations, we quickly recognized that this was an area we were both excited to tackle as a next step in our careers. For me it was a really natural evolution of the digital consulting and services I have been championing for years now. So we co-founded CXperts,” says Shyne about the new venture. As COO, Shyne will handle operations for CXperts, leveraging his deep background in CX, UX and CRO. 

“With investment in digital properties and digital acquisition continuing to break records every year, we felt strongly that our sole focus must be on maximizing the value exchange of digital interactions. We’re launching with the ambition to deliver exceptional value to all our customers and the vision to work with organizations that seek to deliver sustainable value to our environment and its people,” says Crooks, CXperts’ CEO.

To that end CXperts has been formed as a Public Benefit Corporation with a purpose of growth in its service of brands and marketers, with particular interest in helping organizations seeking to do good - from the environment, to education, to economic innovation. CXperts seeks to help firms achieve their respective value-creating missions. 

To learn more or to contact CXperts, visit