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CXperts Furthers Tech Collaborations With AB Tasty Partnership

CXperts Inc is expanding its technology partner network with leading digital experimentation platform, AB Tasty. Its customer experience and personalization software is making big gains globally and in North America with an intuitive and high-performing web testing platform, benefiting more than 900 leading eCommerce and consumer brands - and their customers - the world over. 

Matt Filios, VP of Global Channel & Alliances, says of the partnership, “AB Tasty is committed to working with great solutions partners so that companies have access to the best strategic and tactical providers in the industry. We’re excited to have CXperts join our global partner program so together we can offer customers a seamless solution to creating the best digital experience with experimentation and continuous optimization.”

CXperts has integrated AB Tasty into its preferred tech stack in a collaboration designed to deliver top-tier CX optimization results for both companies and customers. The firms are enthusiastic about AB Tasty’s strong third party tech integration capabilities that extend the platform’s ability to unlock insights and performance for marketers, product managers, analytics and customer success teams. 

“AB Tasty’s technology and market approach align perfectly with CXperts high-value services approach to CX overall - and more specifically, serve to improve our website experimentation and conversion rate optimization (CRO) services,” says Ramsay Crooks, CXperts CEO.