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CXperts & Delacon Move to Include Voice Calls in CX Optimization

San Diego-based CXperts have partnered with Sydney, AU-based call tracking software solution, Delacon, to support customers and brands when the customer journey makes its way offline and onto the phone. Call-based insights are core to CXperts mission of helping brands deliver value from every customer interaction.

Of the collaboration Sandra Pigram, Delacon’s Head of Partnerships says, “Delacon's partnership with CXperts ensures brands are able to capture, report and optimise both online and offline touchpoints within their customers' journeys.”

“Given the huge preference customers have for contacting brands by phone, Delacon’s platform ensures we can optimize every customer’s experience, including mission critical interactions like sales or customer service phone inquiries.” says Ramsay Crooks, CXperts Co-Founder and CEO.

The powerful combination of UX analysis paired with offline call conversion tracking, speech analysis and analytics allows CXperts to provide fresh insights to marketing teams working to optimize media campaigns, reduce friction on landing pages and confidently drive toward higher ROI from their marketing activities.

Steven Shyne, CXperts Co-Founder and COO, adds, “When it comes to product and customer service teams, Delacon’s call tracking capabilities - especially when paired with powerful UX tools like FullStory - make understanding customer issues and specific context related to call initiation almost too easy. This significantly reduces time-to-solution and increases customer satisfaction — and in the end that’s what CXperts is all about.”