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CXperts Announces Preferred Partnership with Usability Software Powerhouse, FullStory

The CXperts team is excited to kick off 2020 with our announcement as one of five worldwide organizations selected to be FullStory Preferred Partners. As the only FullStory Preferred Partner headquartered in California, CXperts is poised to help brands in the region and across the US and LATAM maximize their use of one of the leading digital experience platforms in our industry right now.  

The FullStory platform combines broad ranging data capture and powerful segmentation, along with pixel-perfect session replay to help surface challenges users experience across websites and native mobile applications - essentially in real time. It’s a game changer.

Steven Shyne, CXperts COO shares more. “FullStory’s power lies in its comprehensive quantitative data capture combined with easy-to-use qualitative session replay. It quickly allows us to help brands pinpoint friction points across their digital UX. The platform’s functionality is in lockstep with CXperts’ ‘What. Why. Now’ approach to CX Insights and Optimization so we’re simply thrilled to work with FullStory as preferred partners” 

"FullStory is excited to partner with the CXperts team to bring our customers industry leading support and guidance as they embark on their journey of building the new standard in digital experiences," said Chris Samila, VP of Partnerships at FullStory.

CXperts is working with new and existing FullStory customers to help them extract maximum value from the platform with comprehensive onboarding and ongoing support programs.