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CXperts Announces Newest Partnership with SessionCam UX Software

San Diego-based CXperts has forged a fresh partnership with UK-based session replay platform, SessionCam. With the goal of expanding the consultancy’s capabilities to help brands of various sizes continuously improve digital experiences for their end users, CXperts is very excited to announce this partnership.

SessionCam is a straightforward and powerful UX tool that gives organizations a clear picture of where and why users struggle within a web experience and provides recommendations on which UX breakdowns to fix first using machine-learning algorithms to easily identify, visualize and understand your customers’ points of struggle. 

Knowing what to fix through SessionCam combined with recommendations and experimentation capabilities of CXperts is a winning combination for joint customers to begin transforming their website experience consistently and quickly. Improvements in digital experience positively impact bottom lines for Ecommerce revenue, lead generation and customer satisfaction. These are invaluable opportunities for competitive differentiation and delivering on this why CXperts and SessionCam have joined in partnership.

Steven Shyne, co-founder and COO of CXperts says, “We’re excited about this partnership because we believe in properly matching the right CX tools to the wants and needs of each client. Plus, our partnership with SessionCam can provide our shared prospects and customers with added benefits only available through a SessionCam Partner, such as trial engagements, priority support, and an overall higher touch client experience.” 

If you’re interested in learning more about CXperts services, or the incredible new tools of the UX trade, including SessionCam, give the CXperts crew a shout anytime.